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Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan Accelerator Program

Application is open for the Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan Accelerator Program.  Techstars accelerators have one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. During each three-month program, we surround companies with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. They provide funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops, and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where you can learn from your peers. It’s a proven model that’s helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world.

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  • It doesn’t matter what kind of stage you’re at — as long as you’re ready to accelerate your company, and you have good answers to these key questions.
  • They’ve accelerated teams that came into our programs with zero revenue, and we’ve also accelerated teams that came in with millions of dollars in revenue. The common thread between all those companies is the stellar founders, who could prove that they were the best people for the job and that there was a real market that they could capture.
  • Later in the process, they’ll want to get to know you and understand why you think your team has an unfair advantage over all the other companies out there. Techstars wants to see what you’ve accomplished in the past, how long the team has been together, and how well you work together.
  • They base our decision-making on the following criteria (ranked in order of importance), when they’re going through the selection process to pick the 10 companies they’ll work with in each program.
  • The big takeaway here is that the ‘team’ component is the most important. Out of the thousands of the applications they receive every year, the ones that stand out showcase a team that has what it takes to get the job done. So whether it’s their first time as founders straight out of college or much later on in their life — or anywhere in between — it’s really about the individuals themselves, and how they demonstrate their persistence, their ability to learn, and why they’re the best people to make this particular company succeed.
  • Traction can be many different things. You don’t necessarily need to have revenue, paying customers, or even signups — but you must have some form of validation that you’re building something people want. Perhaps that’s a prototype, survey responses that validate your core assumption, or interest from corporations who want your solution to their problem.
  • And then there’s the idea. It may be the least important of the six, but it’s still important. More important, however, is the fact that ideas can change over time based on data and feedback. They’ve seen companies pivot during the program — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic or other moments of sudden change.

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  • $63.3B; all-time graduate market cap
  • $1.0M:  avg. first raise post program
  • 16:  graduate unicorns
  • 4,600+:  program mentors

Application Process

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