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JCCC 2022 Grant Cycle

The 2022 regular grant cycle for Josephine County Cultural Coalition (JCCC) opens on September 15, 2021. Groups and individuals are invited to submit a grant application for 2022 projects. The grant cycle is open through November 1, 2021.

The JCCC works to foster a culturally rich community in Josephine County by encouraging participation in the arts, heritage, humanities, and culture through education, activities, fundraising, and grant awards. The purpose of the JCCC is to nurture and promote the arts, humanities, and heritage of Josephine County. Through activities and grant awards, JCCC strives to:

  • Increase awareness of Josephine County’s unique cultural identity, heritage, and resources.
  • Help community members understand the benefits of enhancing and preserving our cultural resources.
  • Encourage participation of every resident in the arts, humanities, and heritage of our county.

These goals reflect the mission of the Oregon Cultural Trust, which was established to support and protect Oregon Culture. Funding of the JCCC is through multiple sources including revenue-sharing of the Oregon Cultural Trust’s collection of directed tax dollars and license plate sales and donations.


To apply for a grant, an individual or group must present a proposal to benefit the residents of Josephine County. Note that JCCC does not intend to annually fund any one specific project. Proposals must meet one or more of the following JCCC priorities:

  • Increase the educational opportunities for arts, heritage, and humanities for children.
  • Encourage more cultural celebrations.
  • Increase public art (public art is interpreted to mean sculpture and other objects in the public view).
  • Expand awareness of cultural opportunities.
  • Increase participation in the arts, heritage, and humanities.

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  • The spring mini-grant cycle has a maximum award of $500
  • The fall regular grant cycle has a maximum award of $1,500

Application Process

Click here to visit the website and apply

If you have questions, email

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