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Invest in Togo

At the center of the Abidjan-Lagos corridor, which accounts for more than 60% of West Africa’s wealth, Togo is the natural gateway to the dynamic West African market. Togo’s natural positioning has been reinforced by a major investment policy in transport and logistics infrastructure that gives the country a unique place in West Africa. With stable economic growth of 5% over the past years and good control of inflation, Togo now wants to consolidate its achievements by ensuring harmonious and inclusive economic development. The New National Development Plan is focused on 3 mains areas: i / The establishment of a “world class” logistics hub and the development of a first-rate business center in West Africa , ii / the development of agricultural, manufacturing and extractive processing hub and iii / the consolidation of social development and the reinforcement of the mechanisms of inclusion. The important structural reforms program put in place under the framework of the Compact With Africa aims to promote private investment in priority sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Road and Rail Infrastructure and Extractive or Manufacturing Industry.

Key Indicators
Population, millions  7.8
 GDP per Capita, U.S. dollars611.13
 GDP Growth, percent
Inflation, end of period, percent-0.75
 General Government Debt, percent75.73
 Global Competitiveness Ranking 2017-18n/a
 Doing Business Ranking, 2019137
*Figures are for the period 2017, unless otherwise indicated.

Logistics Hub

Three projects comprising the PAL transformation:

1. Optimise port area operations

  • Dry port at Cinkasse
  • Truck fleet linked to the PAL
  • Freeing up the inner harbour

2. Improve connections

  • East-West corridor linking the Ghana and Benin borders
  • North-South corridor linking Lome and Cinkasse

3. Step up management

  • Strengthen the port’s trade activities
  • Strengthen the PAL’s authority

Agriculture Transformation

A two-phrase development project

  1. Construction of an agropole (pilot programme)
  2. Construction of five additional agropoles


Increase generation (with balanced energy mix) and improve access to electricity

  1. Significantly increase energy generation from 100MW to +300MW installed power by 2020 with 50% of renewables (solar and hydro) in the energy mix (from 5% currently)
  2. Increase rural household access to electricity from 7% to 50% by 2022 by investing off the grid
  3. Guarantee access to electricity for all schools and healthcare centres in rural areas

Manufacturing focus area

Three projects for each of the two industrial parks

  1. Develop a park concept in line with investor expectations
  2. Identify sites that could serve as industrial parks
  3. Secure the site (acquisition, ownership and development)

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