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The Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation commits $30M to fund big bet projects that accelerate technological advances in climate information and action. Selected organizations may receive up to $5M in funding, along with access to Google’s technical expertise and products, to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

About the challenge

At Google, we believe that when it comes to solving a problem as big and urgent as climate change, we get more done when we work together.

We want to support the work of nonprofits, experts, and organizations around the world that will accelerate advances in climate information and action. We are looking for solutions that help the global community illuminate previously opaque climate challenges and enable collective climate actions. Past supported initiatives help map emissions on a global scalerestore ecosystems, and enable small businesses to understand their carbon footprint.

Applications for the Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation will close on November 30, 2022.

Application criteria

  • AmbitionWe are looking for transformational solutions that have potential for global impact. While your idea does not need to immediately reach millions of people globally, you should articulate how it could ultimately do so. We encourage collaboration between multiple organizations, as coalitions may be helpful for achieving the scale of solutions we’re hoping to support.
  • ImpactProjects should drive tangible, real world impact for both the climate and people. The proposal should explain how it will tackle climate change and/or the extent to which it will support others to do so too. Successful applications will be grounded in data and research.
  • Innovative use of technologyIdeas should apply technology by creating or enabling new solutions and approaches. Applications can also propose innovative applications of existing technology – solutions that apply AI and machine learning are encouraged!
  • FeasibilitySuccessful proposals will have well-developed and realistic execution plans supported with the resources and expertise needed for implementation. Taking on big, scalable ideas with technology at their core is difficult, and we look for teams that are equipped to implement the proposed project.

How it works

  • Organizations applyAll eligible organizations will submit a project proposal for how they would use funding and additional Google support to meaningfully address a key climate challenge.
  • Organizations, along with partners and experts, review and select the top applicants as possible projects.
  • Funding and supportSelected organizations will receive significant funding, along with access to Google’s technical expertise and products, to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Apply now

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the application window will remain open until November 30, 2022.

Join a workshop

We hosted an online workshop to help organizations understand how to submit a strong and well-crafted application.

Please watch an on-demand recording of the workshop here.


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