Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Google Hustle Academy

The Hustle Academy has landed and is here to help your business power up to the next level. Get access to live training sessions, 1-1 mentorship and masterclasses by industry leaders, all for free.

You can take advantage of all this fantastic support – along with a wealth of networking opportunities – when you are signing up for the Hustle Academy’s weeklong boot-camp, currently open to businesses in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

This Boot-camp, delivered online by subject matter experts, is designed to help small businesses grow by increasing revenue, positioning for investment, and building a sustainable business for the future.

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Topics covered

Day 1: Business Strategy
Day 2: Business Development
Day 3: Digital Marketing
Day 4: Financial Planning
Day 5: Pitching for Success


The Hustle Academy boot-camp is completely free of charge to participants.

To be eligible, we measure businesses against the following criteria:

  • Business maturity: Businesses should have already created a business plan, defined their product/service offering and be looking to now scale this
  • Size of operation: The Hustle Academy is open to businesses that have at least 2 full time employees and have been operating for over 12 months
  • Revenue generated:This training is aimed at businesses who have generated profit in the last 12 months or are 1-3 months away from breaking even



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