Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Early Stage Startup Program

The intercom early-stage program is the best way to grow your startup. Eligible startups get advanced Intercom features and Early Stage Academy at a 95% discount.

From visitor to loyal customer
Intercom’s the one tool you need to reach your customers across every step of the lifecycle

Easy to set up, even easier to use
Onboard in minutes and start interacting with customers in days instead of months

Built and priced for early-stage startups
Access a robust suite of tools to connect with customers, at a price that fits your budget

Communicate with your customers in one place:

  • Engage website visitors with welcome messages and live chat
  • Create guided product tours to onboard your new customers
  • Promote new features and offers through targeted in-app and email messages
  • Collect feedback from your customers with Surveys to inform your product roadmap
  • Deliver personal customer support that sets you apart from competitors
  • Connect to your favorite tools with Intercom’s 150+ app partners

Eligibility Requirements

  • Early-stage
    Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old
  • Small team
    5 employees or less
  • Small user base
    1,000 people reached per month
  • New customer
    Currently not an Intercom customer


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