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Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (known as DRFAWA) commenced as of 1 November 2018 and provide a range of measures designed to help those within disaster affected communities. 

As part of DRFAWA, relief measures are available to assist in meeting the needs of primary producers whose assets or primary production business has/have been affected by a disaster for which the DRFA have been invoked.
Assistance is not provided as compensation for damage/losses sustained, or as a disincentive to self help by way of commercial insurance and/or other appropriate strategies of disaster mitigation. Support is offered on an as needs basis.

For most disaster events, assistance measures include reimbursement grants for:

  • Professional advice
  • Freight subsidy
  • Fencing (for livestock producers only)
  • Expression of Interest for interest subsidy on a new loan to recover.

In some instances the disaster event may be deemed exceptional and special measures for recovery and clean-up may be invoked.

The DRFAWA is administered by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The primary producer assistance measures are administered by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) on behalf of DFES. 

Activated events – Measures to Assist Primary Producers (Category B)

The current activated events under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) includes:

  • AGRN965 Severe Tropical Cyclone (STC) Seroja (11–12 April 2021) Category B – Grant closes on 30 June 2023
  • AGRN1044 Ex-TC Ellie and Associated Flooding in WA (28 December 2022 – Onwards) – Grant closes on 27 June 2023

For further information, including eligibility criteria, please refer to Measures to Assist Primary Producers,  Frequently Asked Questions 

To apply for support under the Measures to Assist Primary Producers, an application should be submitted online.

Tropical Cyclone Seroja Primary Producer Recovery Grant (Category C)

Additional measures were announced on 29 July 2021 for people affected by Tropical Cyclone Seroja, including Primary Producer Recovery Grants of up to $25 000 to assist with clean-up costs such as the removal and disposal of debris, damaged infrastructure and equipment, deceased livestock; salvaging crops; and repairing damaged infrastructure and equipment.

On Tuesday 11 October 2022 it was announced that applicants will now have until 30 June 2023 to apply for a grant and to 30 June 2024 to complete the works associated with the grant. 

For further information on eligiblity and what can be claimed please refer to the Guidelines.

To apply for funding under the STC Seroja Primary Producer Recovery Grant (Category C) an application should be submitted online.

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