Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Zonex Network Raises Approx. USD378K in Seed Funding

Zonex Network, an Istanbul, Turkey-based developer of mobile applications, PC & Mobile games as well as new generation social media influencer marketing, raised approx. USD378k (6m TL) in seed funding.

Backers included:

  • Aytaç Ağdağ, owner of important companies such as 345 Publications, Aytaç Media, Arı Publishing, and
  • Anıl Oğuz, owner of Codex Bilişim AŞ, one of the leading IT companies in Turkey, made their new investments in Zonex Network.

Established in early 2021, Zonex Network develops mobile applications, PC and mobile games together with the game software team Zonex Entertainment Studios. Zonex Studios, headquartered in Istanbul, currently has a total of 32 highly skilled game / software developer staff, both in Turkey and abroad.

Having released entertainment application Fajee and mobile game Slime Spy, Zonex Entertainment Studios is slated to launch Turkish-made horror game Reflection in the summer. In addition, it has launched mobile hyper-casual games such as Wall Ball, Road Crashers, Friendly Boy, which are finished and released as well.




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