Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

WunderGraph raises $3M and launches WunderGraph Cloud

DATE: APRIL 28, 2023

WunderGraph, Inc. is proud to announce the close of their seed funding round led by Silicon Valley-based investor Aspenwood Ventures, with a total investment of $3M. This funding allows WunderGraph to grow its team and global user base, developing the future standard of how to build applications in an “API first” way.

WunderGraph offers an open-source framework to build powerful Backends for Frontends with minimum effort, saving developers a lot of time and allowing them to focus on creating value for their companies. The framework creates a unified API across all services and databases. Developers working with this single data pane are able to generate tailored backends for their various frontends (website, apps etc.) and other data consumers with a single command. This makes it easy, especially for frontend developers to work with APIs and build their backend integrations in a language they are familiar with (TypeScript).

WunderGraph is trusted by developers at companies such as Tripadvisor, Mr.Yum, and partnered with technology leaders like Oracle, Fauna, or Auth0. The company has already gained a strong followership in the developer community thanks to its “developer first” approach, focusing on the best developer experience (DX).

“WunderGraph standardizes how to build a Backend for Frontend. We make it seamless for developers to integrate complex architectures with many (micro-)services and databases, authentication, file storage, etc. and connect it to frontend frameworks like NextJS, Svelte, Remix & Co.”
-Jens Neuse, CEO & Co-Founder

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WunderGraph is taking the next step with the release of WunderGraph Cloud, a new platform to run the WunderGraph BFF framework as an infraless “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) solution. With WunderGraph Cloud, developers can deploy their backend for frontend and custom middleware in seconds, without any need for infrastructure knowledge. Predefined templates make it easy to get started with a specific use case or programming language stack. This combines the strengths of a smart API gateway, with the power and flexibility of the backend for frontend architecture.

WunderGraph Cloud is ideal for startups who want to build their SaaS business in a weekend, as well as for established software development organizations that want to eliminate the effort and complexity connected with using traditional API gateways. A free “Hobby” plan is available to try WunderGraph, along with “Pro” and “Enterprise” accounts for extended limits and additional features.

“As investors, we believe that WunderGraph is the leader of a fundamental change in the API space. WunderGraph’s new Cloud offering further blurs the line between API gateway and backend, representing a paradigm shift from ops-driven to infraless API deployments.”
-Steve Kishi, Managing Director, Aspenwood Ventures

WunderGraph Cloud is designed as a “one stop shop” solution to meet the growing needs of developers and organizations who are faced with the challenge of creating and maintaining multiple backends for frontends on a flexible and scalable architecture. As it comes with automatic, standardized API integrations, keeping up with the increasing number of APIs that grow by more than 30%* each year is no longer a challenge. The platform offers a fast and cost-effective alternative to the challenge of hiring more staff to address this complexity.


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