Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Wincast Raises $625k For Their Live Sports NFT Platform

Wincast, an interactive NFT platform for live sports, raised $675K during its pre-seed round. Blockchain-focused investment firm CoinFund led the investment. Among the other investors who participated are BNB Chain Fund and Dream Ventures.

The funds raised will be used to significantly progress the development of the platform. Having operated in stealth, the team will focus on acquiring new users across a range of digital mediums.

The picture depicts Wincast NFT platform logo
Wincast allows you to watch sporting events and bid on moments that will become an NFT in real-time

About the Wincast NFT Platform

The NFT platform founded in 2021 combines live sports and NFTs for a modern interactive experience. Through Wincast, users can bid, own, trade, or sell NFTs of some of their favorite moments in sports history. The platform aims to help you “Own the moment before it becomes the moment”.

The platform facilitates a live streaming experience that allows users to watch the sporting events they’re bidding on in real-time. For instance, once a batter steps up to the plate, users can begin bidding on an NFT, minted by Wincast, of that moment in real-time. The highest bidder will have that NFT.

Another component of Wincast’s platform includes a proprietary dynamic minting engine. It allows Wincast to capture linear sports feeds. Then, edit the video down to collectible size and input it into a predetermined template. Finally, deliver it to a user’s wallet without any interaction.

“We are redefining the experience of watching sports by combining it with NFTs,” said Noah Kline, CEO and Founder of Wincast.

“Imagine the ability to commemorate a single event leading up to one of the greatest moments in sports history. For example, the pressure-packed pitch in the bottom of the 9th inning, or the wind up before a final knock out.  The possibilities are endless.”

The official launch of the platform will be in July 2022. In connection with the launch, Wincast partners with Empire Boxing Enterprises. The partnership wants to bring the Wincast experience to fans in their upcoming PPV fights.


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