Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Trustworthy Secures $15M in Series A Funding

Trustworthy Dashboard

Trustworthy, a San Francisco, CA-based family operating system provider, raised $15M in Series A funding.

The round, which brings total funding for Trustworthy to $19.7M, was led by Valor Siren Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to grow its fully distributed team, expand strategic partnerships, and continue to improve the Family Operating System® on web and mobile platforms.

Led by Nathaniel Robinson, CEO, Trustworthy is an online service for modern families to protect, organize and optimize their important information and be organized and completely prepared for all of life’s moments, now and across generations.

Trustworthy’s Family Operating System®, allows families to protect, organize and optimize their important information, including (but not limited to):

ID’s (passports and drivers’ licenses)
Money (secure access to financial accounts)
Property (leases, deeds, etc.)
Estate Planning Documents (estate plans, living wills, etc.)
Passwords (to all digital accounts, services)
Insurance information (life insurance, health insurance, auto, home, etc.)
Taxes (returns and supporting documentation
Legal Forms (contracts, etc.)
Emergency Instructions (for example, if a family member is incapacitated)
and the Family Archive (digital photo albums, personal records, genealogy, etc.).



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