Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Outlier Ventures Invests in FLUF World

Outlier Ventures, a London, UK-based venture capital firm made an investment in Non-Fungible Labs, the creative studio out of Auckland, New Zealand that launched the FLUF World.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The company will use the funds to roll out the NFT franchise and Mycelium token economy.

FLUF World is home to 10,000 unique 3D animated rabbits living as NFTs on the blockchain. FLUFs have been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories to be entirely unique by at least three degrees of separation. This also excludes their expression, dance, scene, and soundtrack. Scene and soundtrack will be customisable in the near future. They also serve as a ticket to a world of content, from music and events, to metaverse avatars, with other features being in the pipeline. 

Outlier will directly contribute through a portfolio and network of contacts in the music and entertainment industry to help them scale beyond the partnerships the team have planned. 


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