Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Kooply Announces $18 Million Seed Funding to Enable its Mobile Gaming Development Platform

Currently still in stealth, the company will use the new capital to bring its product to market

Kooply, a stealth-mode game platform enabling creative expression through mobile games and experiences, today announced $18 million in seed funding co-led by TPY Capital and Microsoft’s venture fund M12, as well as Playtika (NASDAQ:PLTQ). Additional investors include U.S.-based Aleph Venture Partners, Entrée Capital, Glilot Capital Partners and Samsung Next. The capital will be used to further grow the team and bring Kooply’s product to market. Dekel Persi and Guy Yamen from TPY Capital, Irad Dor from M12, and Raz Friedman from Playtika have joined its Board of Directors. The investment team behind this funding round brings incredible domain expertise, industry position and a vote of confidence in Kooply’s mission.

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“The last few years have underscored the importance of games as social interactions, a core principle of our product”

While the company is not currently sharing full details of its product, Kooply’s vision revolves around building a game creation platform that brings together players, creators and developers in a mobile-centric community. With a reimagined approach to game development, distribution and monetization, Kooply will allow creators to build the games they desire and reach the audience they deserve.

“The last few years have underscored the importance of games as social interactions, a core principle of our product,” said Kooply co-founder and CEO Ido Yablonka. “We strive to nurture a global community of connected creators that develop innovative and fun mobile games. With some of the very largest gaming, console and mobile device makers backing and partnering with us, we are well positioned to introduce Kooply in 2022 and help creators engage with gamers across a wide range of possibilities which simply aren’t available today.”

According to GlobalData, mobile gaming is set to be a $272 billion industry by 2030, and is already bigger than the console and PC gaming markets combined, contributing nearly 57% of global video games revenue in 2020. As usage of mobile devices – especially for gaming – surged during the pandemic, Kooply identified the need for a social platform that connects creators directly with the gamers they are creating for, allowing them to solicit input, incorporate feedback and make the best mobile games possible.

“Kooply embodies everything TPY Capital seeks in a startup: a visionary, yet grounded team with mutual entrepreneurial backgrounds, and a close proximity to the challenges mobile developers face,” said Dekel Persi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TPY Capital. “Add to that a bold perspective on how to democratize game development and favorable trends such as the growth of UGC in game development, as well as the prominence of mobile in this space, and this becomes an extremely compelling story.”


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