Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

IndexZoo Closed $2 Million Seed Round Investment


BOSTON , April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IndexZoo, a decentralized, crypto asset index protocol, announced Monday that it has closed a $2 million seed round on April 4 from seasoned investors including CMS Holdings, Warburg Serres, DefinanceX, Pragma Ventures, 0xVentures, BigBrainHoldings and angel investors including Nick Tong and Yenwen Feng (co-founders of Perpetual Protocol).

“We are thrilled to take our platform to the next level,” said Marshall Chang, Founder and CEO of IndexZoo. “Tokenized indexes will be key infrastructure for DeFi 3.0. Right now, index funds are the largest investment class in TradFi, and we believe passive investment will soon catch up in crypto especially with the multichain future. We will use most of this funding to expand IndexZoo’s multichain index presence and the leverage token platform. Overall, our goal is to build a strong product which will better serve our community.”

This funding round follows grants awarded to IndexZoo from Layer 1 and Layer 2s, including Polygon, NEAR, and Harmony. IndexZoo also won the Cronos DeFi hackathon and has been a part of the BNB Chain Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Incubation program. The project also recently announced partnerships with Acala and is planning to launch a Polkadot ecosystem index and leverage tokens.

IndexZoo also revealed that it will launch its innovative, decentralized index protocol in 2nd quarter 2022. The protocol is aiming to take DeFi indexing to the next level.

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About IndexZoo
IndexZoo is a DeFi multi-chain ecosystem of tokenized indices built for utmost accuracy, maximum leverage and lowest cost. Every blockchain ecosystem needs its own index. With grants from NEAR, Polygon, Avalanche and more, Zoo will soon deploy its Habitat Index Protocol to multiple EVM compatible Layer 1 and Layer 2s, creating the multi-chain index standard prepared to onboard the next billion crypto investors.


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