Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Hexa 3D Raises $20.5 Million Series A Funding Round

Hexa, a Tel-Aviv based a 3D asset visualization and management platform, announced it has raised a $20.5 Million Series A round led by Point 72 ventures and existing investors. Hexa’s proprietary tech stack digitizes products like furniture and fashion using existing 2D images and with AI creates a new 3D model. The resulting digital twin can be deployed on websites, social media and in AR applications. The models are interactive, too. Users control the model with their cursor, allowing them to inspect the asset from any angle. Hexa provides storage, management, distribution, and analysis of the models its customers create.

Hexa - Render Examples
A 3D model applied. HEXSA

The 3D spaces in the Metaverse need to be populated with volumetric assets, like .obj and .gltf files of furnishings, displays, merchandise. These can be presenmted in either VR or AR modes. Users can do more than simply look at things, they can navigate around them. Product pages on sites like Amazon and Walmart will soon replace traditional 2D pictures and thumbnails with 3D representations like Hexa’s.

“We are convinced 3D content will be at the heart of all online and offline retail,” says Hexa CEO and co-founder Yahiel Atias. “You have to make it easy to use, inexpensive, and fast to return on your investment.” Old methods of creating assets through photogrammetry or lidar scanning are less accurate and more expensive.

Macy’s, Logitech, and Crate & Barrel are among the dozens of companies that now use the Hexa 3D platform for making, managing and deploying their 3D assets. The models can be moved onto any web page, social media platform, or game engine with a snippet of code. Hexa’s 3D Viewer facilitates parallel processing, loading at the maximum frames per second without sacrificing computational power. 3D models load as quickly as 2D images and are immediately interactive.MORE FOR YOU

“Taking a product library, converting it to 3D, inspecting it and deploying it is a tremendous undertaking,” said co-founder and CTO Jonathan Clark. “But we’ve eliminated the pain points with a fast scalable solution to a very specific problem everyone selling anything in the Metaverse is going to encounter.”

Point 72 Ventures, which led the round, is part of the eponymous $27 B Israeli hedge fund. Hexa’s other investors include Samurai Incubate, SAP.iO, an SAP sub-organisation, and HTC. Hexa had previously raised $1.2 M pre-seed, and a $5.5 M seed round, bringing its total funding to date to $26.9 M. The company already has 100 employees around the world doing engineering and business development and says new funding will enable further expansion.


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