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GoalProfit announces $655,000 in funding for their low-code retail optimization platform that makes customized data analytics accessible to retailers

Austin, Texas, United States, April 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “Zero” backlog in data-intensive applications

Austin, US, and Helsinki, Finland (March 30, 2022) GoalProfit (, a platform designed to empower retailers to build customized intelligence applications, announced the closing of a $655k pre-seed round. Founded by ex-IBM executives Maxim Morozov and Oleg Sidorkin, GoalProfit is on a mission to make big data solutions accessible to all retailers and help them to transform in the new post-COVID reality.

GoalProfit’s offering is based on a proprietary data engine that allows enterprises to process billions of data points at blazingly fast speed and arrive at more profitable, intelligent decisions. With GoalProfit, we help retailers craft and “data-drive” their merchandising decisions: price, promo, markdowns, inventories, demand, customer analytics, and many others. 

This pre-seed round is led by Business Angels – Ali OmarHenry NilertPekka YlitaloStas Baranov – and YellowRockets VC (San Fransisco, US) early-stage venture fund that focuses on robotics and automation. Since GoalProfit’s inception in early 2021, the company has released its platform and signed up several customers.

“We are on a mission to show that advanced big data solutions are accessible to all businesses,” said Oleg Sidorkin, co-founder and CTO of GoalProfit. “Our solution is designed to bring the benefits of customized tools previously only available to large corporations. It gives any retailer the toolkit to explore their competitive advantage without the need for an expensive internal IT team.” 

Retail bankruptcies in 2020 hit the highest levels in more than a decade, and experts say there are more to come. “There were dozens of retail bankruptcies in 2020, and experts say the pain isn’t over yet. S&P Global Market Intelligence tallied 49 bankruptcies in the retail space as of mid-November.”

Pricing is by far the most powerful tool for earnings improvement. The first implementation of GoalProfit shows that data-driven pricing could improve gross margin by at least 4% while maintaining in-store traffic.

GoalProfit now offers a suite of intelligence applications for the retail industry. Price & Markdown optimization solutions are based on a fast data platform with low-code interfaces which could be customized for specific customer needs. API data integration can be established in days, and users are onboard with almost no learning curve thanks to the familiar XLS style interface.

“The $25 billion data and analytics software industry is an ideal starting point for GoalProfit. I’ve watched retailers spend incredible amounts of money with no return on their investment because of the slow and complex implementations,” says Maxim Morozov, who previously worked in IBM and Nielsen in Customer Success.”

“I was amazed how fast and how flexible, enterprise-grade software the team has built in such a short time. The stars were aligned: the team has vast experience in the field, they have deep domain expertise, they understand the pain point of retailers, and above all, the technology is very powerful and easily customizable.” — says Ali Omar, GoalProfit lead investor in this pre-seed funding round.

“AI/ML technologies penetration rate in retail shows double-digit growth rates. We expect the same positive outlook for the next five years. The GoalProfit Platform is a high-performance analytical system for dynamic analysis and commodity price forecasting. Such solutions are becoming a key competitive factor for medium and large market players today. The distinctive feature of GoalProfit is the low code solution, easy installation and configuration, quick implementation, and unlimited performance.” — says Valerie Bertele, YellowRockets.VC Partner.

The company has offices in Austin, US, and Helsinki, Finland, and will use the investment to grow its engineering and sales teams in Europe and the US. 

About GoalProfit

GoalProfit is a global SaaS provider of a low-code retail optimization platform empowering retailers to build customized intelligence applications. GoalProfit is on a mission to make big data solutions accessible for all retailers and help them survive in a new post-COVID reality. Created by retail industry experts, GoalProfit’s SaaS solutions deliver a significant return on investment with a truly tailored user experience. 

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