Wed. Mar 29th, 2023


Glimpse, a platform that enables consumer-facing brands to place products in luxury short-term rentals and resorts, has raised $6.2 million in seed funding.

The investment was led by GSR Ventures, Origin Ventures, Y Combinator and angel investors including Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz.

Founded in 2020, Glimpse is creating a “try-before-you-buy” experience by allowing consumers to use products in categories such as bedding, electronics, kitchen and home fitness while they are staying in a rental property or at a resort.

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Rental hosts and resorts earn a commission on sales and can also make money by “implementing a higher level of product staging and through the increased sharing of product information.”

Glimpse says it is currently working with more than 15 brands, including mattress company Purple, air purifier Molekule and Lyric handheld massager, and more than 8,000 short-term rentals in 40 states. Brands pay Glimpse a subscription fee to participate, and the startup also earns money through product sales.

“Short-term rentals provide the perfect environment for customer engagement, as guests can truly experience these products in their intended setting,” says Akash Raju, co-founder and CEO of Glimpse.

“Glimpse gives brands phenomenal access to potential customers and provides immediate ROI on brand awareness and conversions.”

Glimpse coordinates shipments of products, product placement setup and marketing experiences such as product information in guest welcome messages and post-stay retargeting. “With significant demand from brands trying to break through the noise and a pipeline full of potential partners, Glimpse is shifting the paradigm of where, when and how consumer-facing product companies are connecting with key audiences and turning them into long-term brand ambassadors,” says Yuechen Zhao, partner at GSR Ventures. 

Says Ignacio Pellican, director of operations at Manor Vail Lodge: “The process is simple, and the products are aligned with our customers who expect nothing but luxury. The execution is easy; from the product requests on the website to the delivery and set up. Guests love the massage gun!”

Another startup creating a retail environment within rentals is The Host Co. The company, which raised a seed round of $1.85 million earlier this month, enables hosts to set up a digital store within their rentals, offering items such as artwork, snacks, pre-stocked pantries and local artisan products.

A third startup, Mount, is tailored to hosts that want to offer equipment such as bikes, scooters and skis for their guests.


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