Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Ghanaian fintech startup Zeepay raises $200k, partners Airtel Money

Ghanaian fintech startup Zeepay has raised US$200,000 in funding in order to expand its service offering, while also announcing a local partnership with mobile money service Airtel Money.

Zeepay offers services such as retail payments via mobile money, international remittances, third party payments and domestic transfers, and was one of 30 companies to launch at the DEMO Africa event in Lagos, Nigeria in September.

The startup has secured seed funding of US$200,000, which will go towards boosting its service offering and its overall goal of accelerating the adoption of mobile money in Ghana and Africa as a whole.  

Zeepay’s end-to-end platform allows mobile money wallet operators and payment providers to acquire and manage retailers, including smaller merchants that wish to accept mobile money payments.

With this in mind the startup recently announced a partnership with Airtel Money and the Ashanti Regional Agricultural District in Ghana to provide a mobile money payment ecosystem. The Ashanti Regional Agricultural District will use Zeepay’s platform to register around 100,000 farmers to assist with the dissemination of information under the government’s e-agriculture project.

Zeepay will offer its mobile money payment app to actors within the value chain to support payments and collections at community level.

“I believe this partnership will help promote the wellbeing of the farming communities across Ghana by enabling value chain actors to use mobile money as the key payment instrument for payment of goods and services,” said AK Appiah, co-founder of Zeepay.


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