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Crypto-To-Fiat Solution Swapin Successfully Completes Funding Round

TALLINN, Estonia, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swapin, an EU-regulated crypto payment provider known for crypto-to-fiat solutions, has successfully closed a private investment round, raising €1.68M.

Swapin Reveals Funding Round Results, Roadmap Milestones

Swapin has revealed it has successfully raised €1.68M in capital as part of a private investment round. The funds, combined with the support of experienced advisers, will allow Swapin to increase its market share and succeed when addressing the challenges ahead.

Swapin also announced the completion of Q1 2022 roadmap milestones, including a rebranding that widely introduced the name Swapin. Formerly PiixPay, the new name represents a broader vision for future development. Positioned as a leader in European markets for crypto-to-fiat payments, Swapin will launch a brand new website and app, along with localization in German, French, and Spanish languages.

New Swapin Product Vision Includes B2C & B2B Solutions

The updated vision will provide greater clarity between B2C and B2B services. Bridging the gap between businesses working with fiat and the crypto audience is a top roadmap priority. Swapin has launched two innovative crypto-to-fiat solutions designed directly for businesses.

CoinCollector allows businesses with clients interested in paying with crypto to accept payments without dealing with crypto-related compliance or accounting. Via a shareable payment link, clients can pay via crypto, and an equal sum in fiat will hit the merchant’s bank account. E-com is a widget that merchants can integrate into any website to dynamically accept crypto that is instantly converted to fiat.

“We are excited to continue our journey as Swapin. The recently announced updates are confident steps towards resolving the key challenge we face demolishing the visible gap between digital and traditional finance,” said Evald Hannes-Kree, the CEO of Swapin. “The investments raised prove that we are on the right track,” he added.

About Swapin

Swapin is an EU-licensed, regulated crypto-to-fiat payment processing company. The company offers a complete set of turn-key solutions aimed at bridging the gap between digital assets and the banks. Swapin allows the conversion of crypto funds into fiat by direct deposit to a selected IBAN account, avoiding excessive accounting and legal compliance struggles.

The variety of ready-to-go solutions, targeted both at individuals and businesses, allows for immediate fiat settlement in the desired fiat currency in only a matter of clicks.

To learn more about Swapin, visit the official website.

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