Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Camino Financial Raises $150M in Debt Financing

Camino Financial, a Los Angeles, CA-based AI-powered community lending platform offering affordable credit and wealth building solutions to overlooked entrepreneurs, closed a $150m debt facility.

Community Investment Management (CIM) provided the financing.

The credit facility will be invested in providing innovative debt financing for these qualified U.S. micro-businesses and will create a scalable impact within these underserved segments.

Led by Sean Salas, Chief Executive Officer, Camino Financial is an AI-powered community lending platform that offers affordable credit and wealth building solutions to overlooked entrepreneurs. The company builds proprietary credit assessment and data aggregation AI to identify, price and provide affordable loans tailored to credit-invisible, cash-heavy businesses.

The company has supporting offices in Mexico City, Mexico and Bogota, Colombia.




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