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Altis Closes $10.5 Million Seed Round, Increasing Financing by 50% for its AI Personal Trainer

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altis, an AI personal trainer powered by the world’s first Movement Operating System (“Movement OS”), announces that it has secured over $3 million in financing, bringing its total financing to date to $10.5 million, with additional investments from Mike Capps, former head of gaming titan Epic Games, Bill Flynn, former CEO of Amtrak, and US Olympians JR Celski and Georganne Moline.

After announcing its partnership with Hyatt, whose portfolio includes over 1,100 properties, and a successful debut at CES earlier this year, Altis has also finalized agreements with LA Fitness, which operates 740 health clubs, and Life Time Fitness, which operates over 150 health clubs.

“It’s been incredible to see the level of investor interest increase as Altis comes to market”, said Jeff Halevy, CEO and co-founder. “While previous investment activity was driven by the hype of the ‘connected fitness’ category, I believe investment in Altis has been purely value driven. Movement OS will not only support democratizing access to quality, personalized exercise instruction – but to virtually any body-related discipline across the human movement spectrum, from post-surgical and rehabilitation to high performance.”

Using proprietary computer vision and AI, Altis sees, understands, and personally instructs users, delivering the most interactive and intelligent fitness experience ever, from a soundbar-sized console that connects to any screen. Just like its highest quality human equivalent, Altis creates hyper-personalized fitness programs based on users’ individual capabilities, limitations, and goals – and dynamically coaches users in real-time based on their live performance.

Altis core technologies and functionality include:

Body GPS™ Computer Vision: Altis’s computer vision deep learning model (AI), Body GPS™, recognizes a user’s entire body and movements within one-centimeter accuracy, without requiring the user to wear sensors, special attire, or alter the position/orientation of their body. Body GPS™ is so accurate that it can even detect joint velocity, which is used to dynamically adjust the workout in real-time.

Cerebrus™ Exercise & Movement Science Model: An unparalleled deep learning model (AI) trained on the intelligence of hundreds of millions of training decisions made by Olympic performance directors, professional sports strength and conditioning coaches, and internationally-acclaimed doctors of physical therapy, that prescribes hyper-personalized workouts based on a user’s individual capabilities, limitations, and goals. Cerebrus™ can detect a user’s performance in real-time, and responsively prescribe weights, reps, and sets based on this real-time data. Cerebrus™ learns over time from individual and aggregate user data — over 20 (and counting) active and passive variables — creating intelligence that continuously improves.

Altis Vision™ User Interface: Altis Vision is a proprietary element of the Altis UI that pairs a simple and intuitive graphical form guidance system with a live view of a user’s body from an optimal perspective to improve and correct form. This gamified feature allows users to exercise safely and maximize performance.

“I suffered a career-ending injury off the track from improper training, while I was genetically gifted, and in my twenties. If this can happen to me, in my prime, just imagine the risk to someone like my mom, who does not have the same profile and is not receiving expert training. Most people don’t know what they don’t know, and suffer as a result – either directly from injury, or just feeling like failures from doing the wrong things for their bodies,” said Georganne Moline, US Olympian and track and field world record holder. “I believe Altis uniquely solves this problem by meeting users at their level, creating an optimal program for them, and managing that program in real time to ensure safety and results.”

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About Altis

Altis is the world’s first AI personal trainer and first meaningful application of computer vision and deep learning models in consumer and commercial fitness, functioning as a capable substitute to a human personal trainer. Featuring an unrivaled computer vision neural net and artificial intelligence trained on millions of real world data points and experiences of world-renowned fitness professionals (Like Lebron’s PT). Altis is baseline intelligent and adapts to users’ individual mechanics, behaviors, and goals to provide a hyper-personalized and live coaching experience in the home or at the gym. For more information visit


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