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Top 20 ​​Work from home jobs for this year

Quite a number of work from home jobs don’t very much require certifications and licenses, you need some experience and industry knowledge though to kick start, and those that require certifications, I have provided information as to how you can acquire them or get trained and become certified professionally.

1. Affiliate Marketer

Investopedia describes Affiliate Marketing as “An advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.” Meaning that you as a third party will earn a commission anytime you refer an individual to the company’s service. Any of these tools can be used to start an affiliate marketing program; website (blog, e-commerce, etc), email marketing lists, etc. Examples include Amazon, Etsy and eBay Affiliate Marketing.

2. Baker/Caterer/Chef

From your home kitchen you can start a baking or catering business. This sounds somehow light, but look at the number of people that actually cook even though they might prefer a delicious home-made meal. You can become a professional cook and market to friends, neighbors, and for special engagements or occasions.

3. Tax Preparer

You can make a salary of over $30,000 helping individuals and businesses to prepare their taxes. Though you’re required to register with the IRS before starting this business, and you can set up this venture in your home.

4. Child Caregiver

A Child caregiver provides safe and educational environments for children while their parents are at work and look after the basic needs of the children under their care including dressing, feeding, and supervising play and nap times. This attimes requires a license or permit, make sure you meet the requirement and obtain yours via

5. Consulting

Hiring a consulting firm can be a no go area for several small businesses and organizations due to the cost involved, and this provides a market opportunity for professional individuals with expert knowledge in a particular domain to serve as mini consulting firms for these businesses. You can provide advice and guidelines on taxes, accounting, leadership or how to automate certain tasks with new software tools at a fee.

6. Peer-to-Peer Lender

Sites such as and allow you to easily lend money to a business or individual and make money on the paid interest of the note. This is a win-win situation since your excess money will be serving as a bank to others, while they in turn make up for the time value on the money.

7. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are generally responsible for developing strategies to increase followers, creating and overseeing social campaigns, producing content, reviewing analytics, and communicating with key stakeholders through a company’s social media accounts. It starts with presenting a company having dormant internet presence with a good social media plan, and chances are that they’ll buy into the idea in order to see a rise in their turnovers.

8. Copywriting

You can find freelancing tasks in copy writing and earn almost six figures doing that at your comfort. Especially when you know your way with words, you can offer this service to marketers and advertisers, or even businesses. To get more of these opportunities coming your way, list your services on or

9. E-commerce Store Owner

Internet shopping has proved to be one of the ultimate businesses to do at the comfort of your home, with the pandemic accelerating it even more. It comes in several models, and these you need to understand before venturing into the wrong one. There’s dropshipping, wholesaling, manufacturing, white-labeling and subscriptions. My favorite which I recommend is dropshipping, because you can do without ever getting into contact with the product, nor worrying about its delivery to the customer. Sign up to or and start selling.

10. Event Planner

Start an event planning business if you’re a visionary and know how to bring peoples vision or fantasies to life. Here You’ll be in charge of conceptualizing an idea, preparing plans and movement of logistics and generally giving people an experience to remember. You can begin with birthday parties, virtual events or closed door engagements that have about 2 dozen people present, after you’re equipped with enough experiences then you can look at grand events with huge sponsors that can earn you millions.

11. Grant Writer

Grant writers research and submit proposals that can help individuals and organizations receive equity free funding from grant givers. Individuals with good pitching and convincing writing skills can write proposals on behalf of others, normally for non-profit projects and small businesses, or sometimes new startups struggling with their finances. You can make between $40,300 and $67,000 per year as a talented grant writer.

12. Online Teacher

Digitization has provided several flexible options on how teaching is done. Instead of teaching the same thing over and over again to every new set of students, there are opportunities for pre-recording sessions that can be done and made available on educational sites such as and

13. Customer Service Representative

It’s no news that several businesses have no dedicated customer service personnel. It’s an area they see as important, but not important enough to dedicate a full time resource to that role. So with a good pitch, making use of your communication skills, you can convince business owners as to why they need a good customer representative like you, and you can do that job at the comfort of your home with good internet connectivity. Averagely, customer representatives earn somewhere between $8 and $15 per hour.

14. Data Entry

You can input data from various sources into a computer or system without prior experience, and it promises about $10 an hour doing just that. This industry keeps on growing everyday, looking at the pace at which the internet is relying on data from medical/health centers, administrative, accounting, finance, government, sales, and so on.

15. Blogger

How many times have you met people and just can’t stop talking to them about your favorite movies, music, foods, products or even pets? Good news is you can turn this passion into a business. There are hundreds of people out there waiting to read your words and hear your voice about certain topics and share with you their point of view, and this can make you money all along. A great resource for this is

16. Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized and can handle office duties like replying to emails, calendar management, entering data and assisting with social media, then this job is perfect for you. And you can make between $10 and $15 per hour.

17. Graphic Designer

Businesses today need to be able to communicate their brands effectively to customers, investors, suppliers and all other stakeholder members. Graphic design serves as a unique way of providing these visual representatives. This role generally needs a bit of expertise knowledge, but nothing that a computer and internet connection cannot do. You can spend an average of 2-3 months learning and possessing beginner to intermediate skills in designing logos, posters, business cards, letterheads, etc. Annually, a graphic designer earns more than $45,000 and this increases the more skillful you become.

18. Internet Security Specialist

An Internet/Cyber Security Specialist is an expert in the field of information technology security, providing protection during software development. This includes making sure that networks are safe from external threats like hackers or crackers who want access for malicious purposes. This also needs upto an intermediate knowledge, but the increase in internet breach these days makes it worthwhile.

19. Photographer/Videographer

You can provide photos and make videos on a freelance basis for different clients and as a self-employed. This means you photograph subjects per contract or project as opposed to being an employee for a company. Small businesses periodically need high resolution images and videos of their products in order to promote it effectively. Programs and occasions arise in which great moments are needed to be captured into records and you can make thousands through this venture.

20. Programmer/Web Developer

You can learn a programming language and work on creating web apps and softwares for clients on a short- or long-term contract basis. You can also work as part of a programming team on a freelance basis developing part of a larger application. The popular programming languages with high demand are Javascript, Python and C++. This can be a difficult career journey, but a freelance software developer in America makes an average salary of $87,446 per year or $42 per hour and the top 10 percent makes over $131,000 per year. 

In Conclusion:

These gigs can be done everyday in sports shorts, on your kitchen table without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The job environment keeps on changing everyday, and you have to evolve with it.


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