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Tax return entrepreneur

Income tax return self-employed

As entrepreneur (self-employed) in the Netherlands, you have to file the annual income tax return. Do you register with the Chamber of Commerce? Then, you may call yourself an entrepreneur for VAT purposes. But for income tax purposes, a little more precedes. The Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) have several conditions that you have to meet to be considered as an entrepreneur:

  • The first condition is that you must invest at least 700 hours of your time in your company per year. Do you also want to enjoy deductions for entrepreneurs? Often, you have to meet an hour criterion of 1,225 per year.
  • The second condition is that you have to make a profit. When you don’t make profit, you are not seen as an entrepreneur. There is an exception to this: if you can show that you will make a profit in the future. For example, if you are a starting entrepreneur and had to invest a lot. 
  • Another condition is that you are at risk (you are not always 100% sure if you have an income), and you are responsible for the debts of your company.

We help you with your tax return!

As an entrepreneur in the Netherlands, you have to deal with two types of tax returns: the VAT return and the annual income tax return. When you are in salaried employment, the employer keeps track of how much tax you have to withhold (this is called the wage tax). However, as an entrepreneur, you pay the income tax after filing the income tax return. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your administration. We take care of your income tax return and VAT return. Fill in the contact form or call us on 020-2170120 to discuss the possibilities.Contact form

Deductibles entrepreneurs

When you are seen as a self-employed person for the income tax return, you are entitled to special deductibles for entrepreneurs. You can think of the entrepreneurs deduction, Small Business Profit Exemption, and investment deductions.

We take care of a complete tax return and make sure to include all the deductibles. This way, we make sure that you never pay too much or too little taxes and you can focus on what’s really important: running your business!

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self-employed tax

VAT return

If you applied with the Chamber of Commerce (e.g., as self-employed/zzp, freelancer), then you received your VAT number and you have to file the VAT return. You can file this VAT return each month, quarter, or year (most likely every quarter). Here, you indicate how much tax you received and paid. So it seems as if you are paying tax, but in reality, your customer pays the tax, which you have to pay to the tax authorities. The difference between the paid and received VAT is the amount you pay to or receive from the tax authorities.

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ICP declaration

The ICP declaration (intra-Community supply) is a VAT return for goods/services that you provide intra-Community. Intra-Community trade is the supply of goods by a supplier in one EU country to a buyer in another EU country.

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Tax advice for self-employed (zzp)

As an entrepreneur, it can be complicated to separate your personal affairs from your business tax affairs. Unlike someone in paid employment, there is a lot more administration involved. We understand that you want to focus on running your business! That is why we have put together special tax packages for entrepreneurs. Here, we completely unburden the self-employed and other entrepreneurs. We take care of all your tax matters to the last detail.

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