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Reasons for Getting a Second Mortgage

If you are considering getting a second mortgage to help pay off your existing home loan, you may wonder whether it is a good idea. Read on to learn more about the reasons why this could be a good choice for you.

A second mortgage is also known as junior-liens. They are the loans that secure the property. A very common example of a second mortgage is home equity loans.

Types of second mortgage

There are two types of the second mortgage

  • Open-end. In this, you can take your cash out up to maximum credit
  • Closed-end. In this type, you receive the entire amount of loan at a time and cannot redraw it again.

Reasons to apply:

A loan can help you to achieve your objectives and goals. Following are some reasons to apply for a second mortgage


Getting a second mortgage could help you in investment purposes. It could allow you to contribute as much as you can and give you a healthy refund. By using your second mortgage you can also pay off smaller loans.


If you want to renovate your house, you can also use the amount of the second mortgage for renovation purposes. Popular renovations include your kitchen and washrooms. They can give you back 65 to 75 percent of the amount.

Buy another property

From the amount of the second mortgage, a very common reason worldwide is to buy a second property. A lot of people are looking for investments that can help them in the future as a bigger revenue.

Increase your house value

The best way to invest is in your home. There are two benefits when you invest in your home. The one is you can get your investment portion back at the time of sale. The second is you can enjoy the upgrade stuff of your house.

Startup new business

If you are thinking to start a new business or working as an entrepreneur, applying for a second mortgage will become very useful. Business loans that you get from banks have higher rates and you can get them only if you have already an established business. If you are using the second mortgage payment, make sure the business you are going to start will be profitable or the product has also a market value. It will be a good idea only when you have a profit rate higher than the risk involved

Steps to apply for a second mortgage

A second mortgage gives you a chance to use your own home as a source of cash. Following are some steps for a second mortgage

  1. Discuss with the lender about the cost of the second mortgage. Learning the cost and rate of interest before taking the loan will be the smart choice.
  2. Assure your lender that you can give back the money. Show him your financial record and prove the information about your monthly debt payments
  3. Calculate the amount of the second mortgage which will be affordable for you. Analyze the amount you can pay every month. If you take a big amount of mortgage, you will also pay bigger payments. Small loans are easy to give back because they have a lower interest rate and are easy to pay
  4. Finalize the rate of your interest and sign for your loan. When you have good financial records and ratings, banks will also be happy to take your money.


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