Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Chase Increases Referral Bonus On INK Business Cards To 40,000 Points (200,000 Annual Limit)

Update 3/16/23: There are some reports (1, and another on reddit I can no longer find) of Chase matching the referral portion of the bonus (from 20,000 to 40,000).

Update 3/11/23: We mentioned conflicting reports about whether you can apply for the 75k/40k and get matched. We’ve now seen many other reports of success with the match, and FM reports hearing numerous reports that way as well. And so until the public offer ends on March 21st you’ll probably be able to apply with the 75k/40k offer and then get the 15k bonus bump on top. (Getting the bump should not affect the referrer 40k bonus.) A whopping 130,000 points bonus for those in 2-player mode. YMMV. You’ll want to have the match phone/SM conversation before March 21st; once the public offer changes I’m not sure if the reps will be willing to match.

Update 3/8/23: Based on reader reports:

  • Chase will not match the 40k bonus for those who recently referred using the old 20,000 link. Source
  • Conflicting reports on whether Chase will match the 90,000 signup bonus if you refer a friend with the new 40k/75k bonus structure. Won’t match report | Did match reportanother match report
  • I still don’t know what happens if you use an old 20k referral link after March 6th when the 40k offer came into effect. Will you get 40k or 20k?

Original Post 3/6/23:

Chase has increased the referrer bonus on the INK line of cards from 20,000 points too 40,000 points. The annual max has also increased from 100,000 to 200,000; total of 5 referrals possible. The 40,000 referral offer is on all four versions of the INK business cards, including Cash, Unlimited, Preferred, and Premier.

INK Referrals Marriott Referrals

The INK offer used to be 20,000/100,000 until now, and I believe the Marriott bump to 40,000 is also new. This new double bonus makes a more enticing case for those in 2-player mode.

As always, be sure to check what the signup bonus is before using a referral link since it can sometimes be better to apply directly.

In the case of the INK cards, through March 21st you can get 90,000 points when applying for either of the no-fee INK cards. The new referral links are showing a lower 75k bonus. Referral links generated earlier are still showing the 90,000 offer.

I don’t know if those previously-generated referral links will get the 40k referrer bonus or the 20k referrer bonus. In this case, it might make sense for someone in 2-player mode to signup for the new lower offer and get the higher referrer bonus. Just keep in mind you might get a 1099 on referrer earnings whereas on a signup bonus you won’t.

Readers note that it might be possible to apply using the new 40k link and then message Chase to ask for a match on the 90,000 bonus. I’d guess that will work (through March 21).

You can see all Chase referral offers at this link; I believe the rest are the same referral bonuses as prior. No referrals in the comments below.


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