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Best Start Up Business Cards With No Credit Of 2022

If you’re a business owner without credit and you’re looking for a business credit card, your options are limited. There’s only one business card we recommend to business owners in this category. Those with the luxury of time may prefer to work on building credit with a personal credit card first, as there are many more personal card options designed for those without credit.


Forbes Advisor considered business cards available on the market for businesses with no credit history. We considered cards from large banks and some smaller but still accessible banks. We considered whether or not cards earned rewards, fees and weighted deposit requirements.

Best Start Up Business Cards With No Credit

Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card[ jump to details ]

The Wells Fargo Business Secured is a solid offering, despite a lack of competition. For the business owner looking to build credit starting from scratch, this card is worth considering.

Rewards: 1.5% cash back per dollar spent on qualifying purchases or earn 1 point per dollar and receive 1,000 bonus points when the company spend is $1,000 or more in any monthly billing period

Welcome Offer: This card does not offer a welcome bonus

Annual Fee: $0

Other Benefits and Drawbacks: The Wells Fargo Business Secured Card charges no foreign transaction fees and doesn’t charge anything extra for up to 10 employee cards. The card offers a maximum $25,000 credit line, regardless of your business’ ability to put down a larger deposit.

To learn more, read our Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card* review.

How to Choose the Best Start Up Business Card With No Credit

If you’re looking for a business credit card but don’t have any credit history, your options barely exist. There’s only one business card that we currently recommend to business owners in this category. That said, improving your own credit with a first personal credit card may be a better option. Many great personal card options exist and after building credit for a while it may be possible to qualify for better business credit cards.


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